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saturday october 6th at bonny doon

i drove up to the bonny doon airport, getting a little bit later start than I planned. it was almost dark by the time I arrived... Rolled in slow with my lights out, backed in smoothly to minimize dust, and dragged out the coulter 10". plopped it on its base, plugged it in for a quick cool down and tried to check my collimation... my laser is on the blink, the switch is flakey. anyways, seemed close enough, let it go.

sidewalk astronomy

I've joined bill and chris on their sidewalk adventures at 'stinky beach' several times in the past few weeks, often on a moments notice.

the coulter has been great fun. had some amazing views of jupiter in it, crisper than any I've seen in my c8. it works very well with my 35mm ultrascopic, the 35mm + a celestron ultima 2x shorty barlow, and my 9.5mm epic-ed.

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