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Will Try to Veiw Venus before Sunrise and after Sunset March 23 or Maybe the 24th

My app says I can do this, so tomorrow I am going have an early cup of coffee to catch a view venus before sunrise -- March 23, 2017.  If the weather holds, actually cooperates with forcasters, we should see another Venus view just after sunset.   I am headed to one of the coastal outlooks for both observations.   Why attempt to observe these infrequent opportunities?  Early observers, many hundreds of years ago, used these types of observatioins to figure out we are not the center of the universe;)

Let me know what you see and I'll do the same.


Apodizing Mask Holiday Project

Apodizing Screen Holiday project

Ref: http://csastro.org/2009/10/a-do-it-yourself-apodizing-mask/

My comments below, enjoy your holidays. Jeff

Are your Jupiter views lacking detail? Making an apodizing screen may improve the seeing, allowing more detail of the equatorial and temperate belts cloud bands. Here’s an excerpt to a friend who encouraged me to make a screen and holiday helpers getting me going:

Quail Hollow Outreach Aug 2 & Bonny Doon Aug 3

Friday - Viewing at Quail Hollow was a success. The park management was pleased with our turnout and their guests enjoyed our night views and discussions. Venus and Saturn were the early stars, but closely followed by Albireo and Mizar leading the nightly doubles. Several bagged early the Ring nebula and the Hercules cluster overhead. The Operation Moon-watch telescope was a hit, Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Moonwatch.

yosemite Outreach July 2011

Does anyone know if the camping site usually sits on semi-hard or concrete pads? The 2005 photo and comment mentioned campers were on concrete ground. Were bringing pads but maybe cots are better suited for this event.

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