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Sidewalk Astronomy - March 21

Jerry Miller and I did Sidewalk Astronomy in Santa Cruz. We setup across from the rest rooms near the lighthouse on West Cliff Drive. It was a beautiful evening. A full moon came up about 7:30PM bright orange. Showed a great view of Saturn as soon as it appeared. Jerry did art photos of the full moon with new camera software. Lots of public interest. I need to generate a Santa Cruz Astronomy Club News Letter to handout. Stayed until 10:00PM. Spring is here, more sidewalk astronomy in the future.

Messier Marathon at Lake San Antonio on March 8-9, 2008

Well Craig and I got together for lunch at the Black Bear diner in Salanus. As we ate the fog rolled in. It didn't look good for a Messier Marathon than night. We chanced it and drove the 2 hours down to Lake San Antonio. Must be off season at the Lake. Not even a ranger at the gate. We self registered and setup in the overflow camp ground. The sky had some faint high wispy clouds. No fog, no bugs, and fairly dry. I setup my 10" DOB. Crag setup his Questar and Astroscan. As the sun set is got cold sharply. So we put on the long underwear and oversuits.

Lunar Eclipse - 20 Feb 2008

I went to 41st Ave Book Cafe for the Lunar Eclipse. Got there at 5:45PM. Was setup and
seeing by 6:00PM. Moon was peaking through the clouds. A very bright orange color.
Could not see the whole moon. To obscured by clouds. Chris arrive soon after. Public
started looking and asking question. Book Cafe setup there tables and chairs in the
outside courtyard. Dana arrived about 6:30PM for his lecture. Moon got darker red.
Clouds got thicker. Views of the moon got less frequent. Chris setup his 8" Dob as

Star Party Bonny Doon Feb 9, 2008

I arrived before sunset. Paul and Troy was already there. Paul had two new astronomers from over the hill. Paul setup on asphalt as he did last good star party for better stability and less dew. Troy setup his 20" Obsession telescope. Barry, Chris a new visitor Frank arrived later. I setup my 10" Dob.

Sidewalk Astronomy June 30, 2007

No Sidewalk Astronomy Tonight. Too Cloudy.
We will try another time.

Yosemite Trip June 15-17, 2007

Yosemite trip 6/15/2007 to 6/16/2007


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