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Glacier Point - July 2014

 Again, our club's annual trek to Glacier Point was a great success. Friday night we had somewhere around 50-70 people along with some fairly decent weather. The ranger gave us a very nice introduction followed by Bill with his pre-observing presentation. We all stayed out until around midnight. The first night we had: Jeff, Terry and his brother, Seth, Miguel and his wife, Ron, Jeff Young, Bill Seiler and Chris Wandke.

Santa Cruz Sentinal Article

Last spring Bill O'Neil was interviewed by the Sentinal. The article came out the Sunday that we all came back from GSSP. Attached is the article. A fun read with some great exposure for the club. Jeff and Bill did a wonderful job!

GSSP 2014

Just got back from GSSP a couple weeks ago. Once again, it was a fun trip. Although it was quite different from all the other times I've attended. I got there Wed. afternoon just after lunch, and found Walter and John's campsites. (They saved some spots for the rest of us). Not long after getting the tent set up we got the first rain shower of the day. We then had showers off and on through Thursday. Cloudy skies and cold wind was the name of the game. John called this years' gathering the Golden State Shower Party.

Bill Lockman's experiences at GSSP 2014

Great companionship, meals, amenities, awesome dark sky site on the last day. Even the little storm we had Wednesday night made the trip special.

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This is a test.  I hate that brown background, and I do NOT know where its coming from?!?

Apodizing Mask Holiday Project

Apodizing Screen Holiday project


My comments below, enjoy your holidays. Jeff

Are your Jupiter views lacking detail? Making an apodizing screen may improve the seeing, allowing more detail of the equatorial and temperate belts cloud bands. Here’s an excerpt to a friend who encouraged me to make a screen and holiday helpers getting me going:


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