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Saturn with a DLSR

Not really the best gear for this but the seeing was so good I had to try it and its decent for a DSLR but not the kind of awesome shots over in the Planetary forums.

Quail Hollow Outreach Aug 2 & Bonny Doon Aug 3

Friday - Viewing at Quail Hollow was a success. The park management was pleased with our turnout and their guests enjoyed our night views and discussions. Venus and Saturn were the early stars, but closely followed by Albireo and Mizar leading the nightly doubles. Several bagged early the Ring nebula and the Hercules cluster overhead. The Operation Moon-watch telescope was a hit, Ref:

TSP Final

Sitting here in my hotel room in Blythe on my way home from TSP. It's 107 degrees here - definitely not used to these kind of temps. The last two days at TSP we got rain in the afternoon and into the evening. The ground really sucks up the water and the rain kept the dust down. All together we only had 3-4 good nights out of seven nights, but the Santa Cruz contingent was great company. Can't speak for the other guys, but I think it was a fantastic trip and I'll definitely try to go back again next year.

TSP #2

Well, here we, it's Friday already. Both Wed. and Thurs. night we got skunked. Clouds have been a problem all week for us. Last night we actually got some drops of rain so a bunch of us tore down and stuffed everything into the car just to be on the safe side. Turned out that the thunderstorms that were forecast never really materialized. We're all being optimistic that we'll still get a couple more nights of clear skies before we head on home on Sunday.

Texas Star Party

Well, I made out here to West Texas for the Texas Star Party (TSP). 1350 miles and two and a half days. Fred, Al and Jeff left earlier than I did and did some sightseeing on the way.

Got here about 2:30 on Sunday – the other guys had spent the night in nearby Ft. Davis and were already setup and ready to go. The Prude Ranch is at about 5000’ so getting the tent put up and the scope stuff up brings on some huffing and puffing. The 80 degree weather factors in as well :) Check out the TSP website to see what the place looks like.


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