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Texas Star Party

Well, I made out here to West Texas for the Texas Star Party (TSP). 1350 miles and two and a half days. Fred, Al and Jeff left earlier than I did and did some sightseeing on the way.

Got here about 2:30 on Sunday – the other guys had spent the night in nearby Ft. Davis and were already setup and ready to go. The Prude Ranch is at about 5000’ so getting the tent put up and the scope stuff up brings on some huffing and puffing. The 80 degree weather factors in as well :) Check out the TSP website to see what the place looks like.

M81/82 project

I wanted to post my finished result for those of you I talked to about what I was trying to do , it still didnt really come out as I was hoping since I got no IFN or good background from the widefield shot but it was still fun.

a newer earth light pollution map

we've all seen many versions of the mid 1990s Light Pollution of the Night Sky maps from the data produced by an Italian university group.... some folks thought the Continental US data was flawed, and adjusted some of the parameters, and used circa 2001 satellite telemetry, along with census data and other inputs to the original light model. One of the reasons for doing this was that the original data set used winter telemetry from the Northeast US, and they assumed the snow cover would reflect more ligth into the sky.

Advanced Imaging Conference

Spent the last three days over in Santa Clara at the Advanced Imaging Conference. My brain is over-full with asto imaging and processing info. There were imagers from all over the world in attendance and everyone had a great time. There were four of us from SCAC - Fred, Jeff, Al and me. The food was fantastic and the venue very comfortable both in the main room and the workshops. The final event was the door prizes.

Weather at Bonny Doon on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012

I have attached a .pdf plot showing the temperature and humidity during the night. Wind was not plotted as there was virtually none. With a humidity around 80 to 85%, we definitely had dew. TAC site reports that everyone around the Bay area and beyond had excessive dew settling on their equipment. But the temperature was very steady and the seeing reasonably good.

September BBQ

Just got back from the BBQ at Walters' house. First of all, a great big "Thank You" to Walter and Carol for hosting the gathering. Walter put in a ton of work finishing up repair and remodeling projects around the house and the place looked great. The weather was perfect and the company even better. Walter said he'd received about 16 RSVPs and that was about how many folks we had. Burgers, steaks and chops all smelled great on the barbie. Chris and Miguel brought homemade apple pies for dessert. Add a little ice cream and it was the perfect finish.


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