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A weather comparison for Calstar

I would first like to thank the organizers for putting on a wonderful event with great camaraderie. It is an easy location for driving and has skies that were quite dark after midnight.


GSSP, the Golden State Star Party was the week before last... we had a blast. I took a ton of pics.

The locals did some great BBQs for us. We ate really well up there.

They had a great raffle with many prizes donated to GSSP.

Giant mosaic finally coming together

I did my best to get it all together for a simple Ha , OIII , OIII and then did a little crop , id say Autopano did a good job with what I fed it.

The OIII for the middle panel wasnt quite as clean as the others but itll have to do for now.

I tried to have all three shots open as Ha and then OIII in PS to balance them against each other and it wasnt really as simple as it sounds.

I made False RGB panels then had Autopano assemble them for me but I had to take it back to PS to balance it a bit more after.

Glacier Point Star Party

Just got back from Yosemite a little while ago. Had a great time up at Glacier Point again this year. Pulled into the campground about 2:00 PM on Friday and got set up right away. It was nice at around 80 degrees. Driving into Yosemite Valley on Hyw. 140 it was 100 degrees. It took a while to get used to the altitude, though. Got a bit light-headed while blowing up the ‘ol air mattress. That gave me the perfect excuse to take a nice nap :)

Transit of Venus

Just wanted to say "Thanks" to everyone that came out and set up scopes for the Venus Transit last week. What a great day! It started off really windy. In fact, I was concerned that it would be too windy to set up. John got there right after me and we went ahead and got the scopes out. As the afternoon progressed the wind died down considerably. Other than the wind the skies were nice and clear.

Full Moon Madness at Henry Cowell SP

Saturday, June 2, the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club setup at Henry Cowell State Park in support of their Full Moon Madness event.

We had 4-5 telescopes and a couple pairs of nice binoculars on parallelogram mounts. I got their early, as there was a good number of sunspots, and setup the Celestron 80mm Superpolaris for solar. Before long Bill showed up and setup his green dob on the eq platform for exactly the same thing.


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