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Where is M32?

For some reason, I've always struggled to find M32 in the eye piece. Burnham identifies M32 as a large, very, very bright (!!) companion galaxy to M31, the Andromeda galaxy. He goes on, “M32 may be seen in field glasses as a fuzzy 9th magnitude “star” just 24' to the south of the central mass of M31...M32 [is] conspicuous on photographs of the Andromeda Galaxy and [is] well known to most observers. [M32] is considerably larger than visual observations would indicate; densitometer studies of M32 show that the true size is at least 8.5'” (Burnham, Vol. I, p. 149).

More shots from the Airport

These last 2 weekends have been very productive for me and I thought I would share.

I was lucky enough to have great seeing conditions on 4-18 and while I was between targets I decided to try for Omega Cetauri which just comes into view for about 15 minutes between some trees.

My tracking or balance was off a bit and the stars are a bit wobbly but I thought it was cool just to catch a glimmer.

New photo page

I have recently updated my photo page to Flickr and added a bunch of low quality JPGs for now till I get it set up better.

I am lucky enough to have this great club and the dark sky site at the airport to take my pics from , all are taken from there.

New site

Hello all.  Here is the link to my new pic host.  Most of these were taken from BDA.  What a fantastic night it was 6-7-08.  Warm and dry. Stayed up until 2:30..Awesome Milky Way.

Paul Duncan

Sidewalk Astronomy - March 21

Jerry Miller and I did Sidewalk Astronomy in Santa Cruz. We setup across from the rest rooms near the lighthouse on West Cliff Drive. It was a beautiful evening. A full moon came up about 7:30PM bright orange. Showed a great view of Saturn as soon as it appeared. Jerry did art photos of the full moon with new camera software. Lots of public interest. I need to generate a Santa Cruz Astronomy Club News Letter to handout. Stayed until 10:00PM. Spring is here, more sidewalk astronomy in the future.

Messier Marathon at Lake San Antonio on March 8-9, 2008

Well Craig and I got together for lunch at the Black Bear diner in Salanus. As we ate the fog rolled in. It didn't look good for a Messier Marathon than night. We chanced it and drove the 2 hours down to Lake San Antonio. Must be off season at the Lake. Not even a ranger at the gate. We self registered and setup in the overflow camp ground. The sky had some faint high wispy clouds. No fog, no bugs, and fairly dry. I setup my 10" DOB. Crag setup his Questar and Astroscan. As the sun set is got cold sharply. So we put on the long underwear and oversuits.


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