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Poor Man's Binocular Mount

Being a cheapskate, and having a decent 20 year old Bogen/Manfrotto camera tripod, I decided to jury-rig my own tripod mount for the inexpensive chinese 8x40 binoculars I picked up at a SJAA swapmeet...

bill of materials:

  • 1 3" angle bracket
  • 1 1/4-20 x 1" stainless allen bolt
  • 2 1/4-20 stainless wing nuts
  • 1 camera tripod

Lunar Eclipse - 20 Feb 2008

I went to 41st Ave Book Cafe for the Lunar Eclipse. Got there at 5:45PM. Was setup and
seeing by 6:00PM. Moon was peaking through the clouds. A very bright orange color.
Could not see the whole moon. To obscured by clouds. Chris arrive soon after. Public
started looking and asking question. Book Cafe setup there tables and chairs in the
outside courtyard. Dana arrived about 6:30PM for his lecture. Moon got darker red.
Clouds got thicker. Views of the moon got less frequent. Chris setup his 8" Dob as

Garland Ranch - Friday 15 Feb

Tonight I decided to haul my scope down to Carmel Valley and join the Monterey folks at Garland Ranch Regional Park where Monterey area amateurs were putting on a star party for the regional park district.

after fighting 4:30 friday traffic in santa cruz (I'm glad I don't do that every day!), I arrived. It was threatening to cloud up in the Santa Cruz area, but it cleared past Moss Landing, and Monterey/Carmel were clear all the way out to sea...

Arrived at the parking lot of Garland around 5:45, parked between to Jim B. and Craig W.

Bonny Doon 2-09-08

Saturday the 9th, the sky up at Bonny Doon airport started out with a layer of high thin clouds that didn’t look like they were going away. Was about ready to pack up my 20” around 20:30hr, oh there were pockets of clear dark skies in the thin cloud layer, that allowed brief views of Orion, (M42) and Saturn, Mars. but I know, that the skies there usually clear up after sunset. Well Saturday night was no exception.

Star Party Bonny Doon Feb 9, 2008

I arrived before sunset. Paul and Troy was already there. Paul had two new astronomers from over the hill. Paul setup on asphalt as he did last good star party for better stability and less dew. Troy setup his 20" Obsession telescope. Barry, Chris a new visitor Frank arrived later. I setup my 10" Dob.

2-9-08 at Bonny Doon

Well last night at the Airport was great fun , it was worth it especially after the cloud cover went away and moon was gone.

Apperently my scope went out of collimation , might have been the drive up , but so many of you were willing to lend me a look through your scope that it still made for some nice views.

Im planning on being a regular to these shindigs so I will see you all next time.


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