Little Basin

Little Basin Campground is the former Hewlett-Packard Family Campground, now a unit of Big Basin State Park.     Its operated as a group campground by reservation only, so the star parties we present here are just for the campers, and presenting astronomers and their guests. We can stay as late as we like, the campers are usually gone to bed 2-3 hours after sunset.

While we've only observed there once as of this writing, the site shows promise for darkness, if a couple local lights can be extinguished. There are a number of tall trees that inpact the horizons, but overhead is wide open.


  • take highway 9 to Boulder Creek
  • turn west on 236 in downtown Boulder Creek
  • at 6.4 miles, turn left onto Little Basin Rd
  • follow the signs and road 1.7 miles to Little Basin Campground, as you approach the visitors center, look hard to your left, we're up on the terraced parking lot.

Please drive slowly and carefully on the narrow Little Basin Rd, and arrive well before dark.