Transit of Venus

This is the last chance in this lifetime to observe a transit of Venus, where Venus passes directly in front of the Sun. This rare event happens twice 8 years apart, then not again for over 100 years (last one was in 2004, next one is in 2117).

Members of the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club plan to setup their telescopes, with proper SAFE Solar filters, near the Lighthouse on West Cliff Drive, if the weather is cooperating, to show this to the public.... The transit begins at about 3:11pm PDT and will be ongoing til past sunset.

this can only be observed with a telescope with solar filters, as the sun will be full brightness, unlike a total eclipse event where there is a half minute or so of total darkness. venus is so small that viewing this through 'eclipse glasses' or welding glass will be frustrating (tiny dot against surface of sun).

Please only bring a telescope with a proper solar filter, or a safe projection setup. if you're using an eyepiece projection setup, you MUST CAREFULLY GUARD YOUR EYEPIECE to keep kids from sticking their face in to 'get a better look'

Here are a couple of links for additional info on where and when to see this event.