Just when you think its foggy

Much much earlier this evening, I did a school event at Ocean Alternative Education Center, a K-8 in Live Oak, as detailed in the comment here -> http://astronomy.santa-cruz.ca.us/node/44#comment-11 .. The short verrsion is, it was totally overcast and I tried to do some indoor stuff... However, hours later, I stepped out to take my dogs for their last walk, and realized it had cleared, so I dragged my couter out of the back of my car....

I spent a fair amount of time trying to see any more than the basic 4 stars of the Trapezium in Orion. I also viewed Mars for awhille.

I compared the loaned 5mm takashi LE with my old Celestron Ultima 12.5 on a Celestron Ultima 2X short barlow....

The Takahashi had better eye relief, and was sharper edge to edge, but the middle third of my old stack seemed just about as sharp

I tried splitting the triple at Gamma Andromeda. In either of these combinations, the blue companion was very crisp and seperate, but I was not able to resolve the tertiary orange close companion of the mainn golden star with any eyepiecece.

Then, I realized it was like 1AM or someting, and stuck my scope back in my wagon for tomorrow, and came inside to blog this.