Glacier Point - July 2014

 Again, our club's annual trek to Glacier Point was a great success. Friday night we had somewhere around 50-70 people along with some fairly decent weather. The ranger gave us a very nice introduction followed by Bill with his pre-observing presentation. We all stayed out until around midnight. The first night we had: Jeff, Terry and his brother, Seth, Miguel and his wife, Ron, Jeff Young, Bill Seiler and Chris Wandke.

After lunch on Saturday I snuck into my tent for a well deserved nap. Somewhere around 3:00 I woke to the pitter-pat of rain on my tent and thunder in the distance. It wasn't a hard rain, just a continuous light rain until about 5:00. Fortunately, no one got flooded out. Jeff and Bill took off to Glacier Point to do a little recce. The report was clearing weather, so we got all loaded up again and off we went.

Craig and Jeff Young left earlier in the day so we had a couple less scopes. That worked out alright, though, since we had a pretty small turnout (20 or so) due to the earlier rain. Still, the weather continued to clear until about 11:00.

There was one fellow from Bakersfield, Xavier Grijalva, who was doing time lapse photography. He posted it on YouTube and sent me back the link. Here it is - I think you'll enjoy his work.

Next up is CalStar in September and then Nightfall at Borrego Springs in October.