Nightfall 2014 at Borrego Springs

Hi all! Here we are at Borrego Springs again. Fred, Ron, Jeff and Al came down a day early on Wed. but there was still a thin layer of high cirrus that mucked up the evening. So that night was a bust. Annie got in on Thursday and we all went down to Carmelita's for some good Mexican food. Thursday night was a little better, but Friday was the best so far. It's been really hot during the day - 95 degress and the seeing/guiding doesn't settle dow until about 10:00 PM,  so there's lots of time to wander about checking out everyone else's gear. Some pretty good stuff out there. Our old club member Brian Diez from Vixen is set up right next door to us and we've bee hnging out with him, too.

Last evening was the welcome mixer. It had cooled down in the shade to be quite comfortable. Sodas and bar finger food were served, free. Tonight Woodland Hills Telescopes is putting on an ice-cream social in the bar. That one I'm NOT going to miss.

There have been some pretty good speakers here this year - astro photographer Warren Keller amongst them. Unfortunately the workshops start in the mornings and I'm lucky to get out of bed by 10 or 11.

Saturday night (tonight) should be our best night yet weatherwise. Keeping our fingers crossed. Al is taking off on Monday morning and Fred and I are staying on through Tuesday night.

Next year Nightfall is going to be in November so it should be a lot cooler than this year. I hope we can get a big SCAC turnout for next years' Nightfall bash. The more the better.