SCAC Surplus Gear Auction

The Santa Cruz Astronomy Club is having an auction to dispose of surplus gear that was donated to our club.

This auction will be conducted by email on the email list. This auction is open to members only. New members can join if they want to bid, our dues remain $20/year. By all means, feel free to notify any friends you think might be interested, encourage them to join our club if they wish to bid.

The auction starts Friday, November 14th. The final bids must be in by Saturday, Dec 13th, 11:59pm.

I will contact the winners via email shortly after the auction closes, and all winning bids must be paid in full via a check made out to the club and submitted to Treasurer Bill Seiler within 7 days..

This auction will operate on 'Dutch Auction' principles, the winning bidder will pay $1 more than the 2nd highest bidder, or the item minimum if no 2nd bidder exists, so feel free to bid the max value you want to pay. (this is similar to how ebay auctions function).

all bids should be sent to me at each email bid should have Subject: [AUCTION BID] and in the body of the message give the lot number, description from the auction list, and your high bid amount. The minimum bids are listed below.

I will periodically send out an update with the 2nd highest bid (eg, the current effective sale price). The highest bid will be hidden until the auction closes, otherwise, the first bidder could bid stupid high, and discourage subsequent bidders, thereby ensuring he gets it at the minimum price thereby 'gaming' the auction.

All winning bid payments are cash donations to the club, which is a 501c(3) non profit. These donations may be tax deducible, CONSULT A TAX SPECIALIST.

any questions about the stuff being sold, feel free to ask on the mailing list, so the answers can be shared with all.

NOTE: The club reserves the right to withdraw any items from this auction before closing!

Some photographs of this gear are here:
note the large gold binoculars and manfrotto tripod, and the 12" dobson in these pictures are NOT being auctioned off at this time. the dolly under that tripod is being auctioned. Most of this stuff is about 8-10 years old, but LIKE NEW unless otherwise noted.

Note, the below opening bids will NOT be updated with the current bidding status, that will be sent out to the club email list every day or so when there are new bids.

Lot 1: Stellarvue SV102ABV opening bid: $500
SV102ABV 102mm APO doublet refractor (LOMO OK4/Lanthanum objective, made in Russia, telescope made in USA), with rings, dovetail, feathertouch focuser, removable section for binoview use,
2" dielectric star diagonal,
in carrying case (case is partly cracked on one end, and probably should be taped or glued)

Lot 2: Celestron NexStar 8SE. opening Bid: $400
NexStar 8SE 8" schmidt cassegrain with go-to single-arm alt-az mount and tripod, serial cable, like new in box
Sirius Large Padded Carry Case, foam cut for C8 OTA on arm/base with several eyepieces. case is in New, Never Used condition. see
Celestron Power Pack (battery condition unknown)

Lot 3: Orion XT8i (non)Intelliscope opening bid: $100
8" dobson with 9x50 erect finder and 25mm Sirius Plossl, crayford focuser
broken encoder/hand paddle
optically great, some minor water damage to base.

Lot 4: Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph opening bid: $200
in box, with rings, 9x50 erect finder, 25mm plossl. no mount.

Lot 5: Orion 8" f/4 Newtonian Astrograph opening bid: $150
in box, with rings, 9x50 erect finder, 25mm plossl. no mount.


Lot 7: Televue Paracorr Type 2: opening bid $150
2" adjustable coma corrector for very fast dobsons with wide field eyepieces
like new

Lot 8: Televue Visual Paracorr: opening bid $100
2" adjustable coma corrector for fast dobsons with wide field eyepieces
like new. original version.

Lot 9: Lumicon Binoviewer: opening bid $150
fits 1.25" focuser and eyepieces, 22mm clear aperture
metal, made in germany

Lot 10: UniStar "Super-Deluxe" Alt/Az mount: $125
on heavy duty older meade tripod (USA made, sturdy)
with plate/dovetail for securing a telescope

Lot 11: Stellarvue Binoviewer: opening bid: $75
2" 45 degree erect prism with SV Binoviewer and 2 SV23FMC eyepieces

Lot 12: Manfrotto Automatic Folding Dolly 181B opening bid: $75
locking tripod wheels. very smooth, very steady. suitable for loads up to 25kg/55 lbs.
folds for storage.

Lot 13: Televue Eyepiece Bag: opening bid $40
like new, foam cores never removed.

Lot 14: Orion Laser Collimator Pro: opening bid $20
no longer made

Lot 15: Orion Laser Collimator: opening bid $15
current style

Lot 16: Orion Laser Collimator: opening bid $15
older style