SCAC Meeting Oct 8, 2015: Imaging Deep Sky Objects

Meeting of SCAC Thursday, Oct 8, 2015: Imaging Deep Sky Objects


The talk for October's meeting will be "Everything you wanted to know about DSO imaging", a presentation given by Prof. Craig Stark at an imaging workshop conducted for the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference. Al Smith will be presenting an adapted version for our meeting and will be moderating. Imaging DSO (Deep Sky Objects) involves more than just pointing a camera and clicking the shutter. Al will give the beginner an idea of what governs the length of an exposure, why we stack a series of exposure, and what governs the optimum image. All this is important for selecting your gear: telescope and camera. We will cover the first section at least of the following topics: What makes a good image? Choosing your gear. What to do under the stars. Pre-processing -why and how. Stacking. Stretching. Fixing issues. Al will direct you to resources to answer your questions and / or cover the other topics if desired in later presentations.


This will be held at the Scout House at Harvey West Park, same as all our other monthly meetings.