"A Keen Delight: The Lick Observatory Historical Collections Project" at Jan. 14 Meeting

Tony Misch of Lick Observatory will be our speaker for the Thursday, Jan. 14 meeting.  Tony's presentation highlights the history of astronomy as written in the evolving technologies, tools, and methods used by observational astronomers. As each generation of observers gives way to the next, its tools are replaced by more precise and efficient ones. In the more than 125 years since Lick Observatory was founded, a wealth of scientific instruments, photographic plates, and observing records accumulated on Mt. Hamilton, illustrating the remarkable changes in astronomy during this period.

After twenty years a a Lick support astronomer, Tony began the Historical Collections Project with the aim of preserving and protecting this unique legacy through cataloguing and safe storage. Modern cataloguing techniques -- electronic databases and digital photography -- along with the internet makes it possible to present and interpret these materials for a wider audience.