The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, Aug. 2017 -- How to See it !

This month's presentation at the monthly meeting on April 14 at 7 PM will be "The Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017." Most are aware of the upcoming total solar eclipse crossing United States in August 2017. Club member Albert Smith will explain total solar eclipses and start with a video of why we all should be excited. Al has seen a half dozen total eclipses around the world and from high in the air. But do you know where and how to see it, and when you should get ready for it? As many will be converging on the narrow eclipse path passing from coast to coast, you should make your preparations now if you expect to have lodging. Al will review the path and the weather prospects along the route, likely areas for viewing and backup plans, discuss what to bring and the pros and cons of imaging, links to important web sites with eclipse information, and finally, how to find housing and when to arrive. One hopes for a lively discussion and many suggestions!