Observing at Henry Cowell

After many years of showing up for Full Moon Madness, always on nights with big moons, basically terrible for astronomy, I approached the Ranger and Interpreters of Herny Cowell, with the idea of doing some dark nights.  The Rangers are agreable, and I've setup several dates on a trial basis this year...     

After setting this up, either weather or my own personal schedule meant I missed every opportunity, but finally on Saturday, June 4th, I was able to show up.   Bill was there ahead of me, assembling his 18" out of his Mini Cooper.   I started to drag out the big binos, and realized I'd forgotten the fork mount piece, so they stayed in the truck, and I pulled out the XT12 instead.

The Redwood Mountain Faire was going on at Roaring Camp when we setup, so we had a lot of before-its-dark visitors, who we showed Jupiter.

Some patchy clouds threatened from the south, then it cleared up completely, and we had great skies for a few hours, I observed Jupiter, Mars (with several color filters), the Bode Galaxy pair, the Double-Double (epsilon Lyrae), and Saturn. 

The Ranger on duty was unclear about our ending times, so we had to pack up around 11pm

Driving back towards town, I hit thick surface fog by Simms Rd, and my house below that was completely socked in.