Jan. 12, 2017 Meeting: The NGC/IC Historical Project

This is a fascinating talk by the famed observer, Steve Gottlieb, on problems with the NGC and IC catalogues of deep sky objects. You do not want to miss this presentation.


The NGC/IC Project is a joint amateur/professional effort to re-examine the 100 to 200 year-old source material used by John Dreyer to compile the NGC catalogue in 1888. A staggering 15-20% of all NGC entries have problems due to poor positions, misidentifications, duplicate entries and incorrect classifications. Some of these mysteries have created a maze of confusion in professional databases and amateur software. The project's sleuthing has resulted in recovering literally hundreds of mistaken or lost NGC and IC identities.  Steve will discuss the project’s results and the final compilation of a historically accurate NGC/IC.

Steve Gottlieb has been an active observer and catalog sleuth for over 35 years. He has written numerous deep sky observing articles for Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazine.  He has a website (Adventures in Deep Space) of observing challenges for advanced amateurs and his favorite deep sky objects are featured in the popular Orion Deep Map 600 star chart.