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CalStar 2011

The Astronomy Connection is organizing CalStar 2011, at Lake San Antonio on Thursday 9/29 through Sunday 10/1 (three nights).

No registration is necessary, and the usual park fees will apply.

There may be more details as the summer proceeds, but at least you can
get it onto your calendar. Once again, thanks to SJAA for all their

This will be the website.

Golden State Star Party 2011


The 2011 Golden State Star Party is Jun 29 through July 3rd, 2011, at Frosty Acres Ranch, near the town of Adin in Northeastern California.

This is the 4th time this event has been held at Frosty Acres Ranch. Its a great location, wide open horizons 360 degrees around and some of the darkest skies possible anywhere. The mesa we observe from has room for 100s of campers.

2011 Observing Dates

The 2011 observing nights at Bonny Doon are posted on our calendar and events pages.


Note, those of you that use things that take "ICAL" feeds (these can be imported into all sorts of scheduling systems), our 2011 calendar feed link is


May you all get dark clear skies for the New Year.

The Ninth Halliday Lecture at the Del Mar Theater

UCSC Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the UCO/Lick Observatory present the

Ninth Halliday Lecture on Thursday, 

November 12, 2009 at 7:00 pm, at the historic Del Mar Theater in downtown Santa Cruz.


This lively and engaging lecture is designed for the general public and is free to attend.

Astronomer Jerry Nelson will present on the Thirty Meter Telescope, Galileo's Legacy 400 years later. 

See Flyer...


The Moon occultation Venus, Wednesday morning 4-22-2009

I woke at 4:30AM, jumped into car and raced outback of Fort Ord to watch the
Moon/Venus occultation.  Got setup about the time Venus was covered up by the moon.  At
5:30AM the fog rolled in.  No more moon!  I put everything in the car and headed east on
Reservation road fast.  Just past Route 68 pulled over in small neighborhood at 5:50AM.  Got
setup with webcam and caught rough view of Venus coming out from behind moon.  See attached file. 

International Year of Astronomy 2009

The Universe is yours to discover during the International Year of Astronomy 2009

Dec 29, 2008, Paris

With 2009 just over the horizon, stargazers around the world are busy preparing for the International Year of Astronomy. A staggering 135 nations are collaborating to bring the Universe closer to Earth. Events and activities will take place over the coming 365 days and beyond, in a spectacle of cosmic proportions.


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