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2009 Calendar

Our club's 2009 Event calendar is all up and posted.

I've attempted to ensure all times are in current local time for Bonny Doon Airport (either PST or PDT as appropriate).   Moon phases are indicated with the approximate time of the phase.   Observing dates are tagged with the sunset time, and annotated with moon and planet rise/set times as appropriate.

I've also added the times for various public and group events.    All club members are encouraged to add their own dates to the calendar, use Create Content -> Event.

Morrision Planetarium

As a kid in San Francisco in the 1960s, one of my favorite things was the old California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, in particular, the Morrison Planetarium.

Recently I came across a 1952 issue of Pacific Discovery, the journal of the Academy, this issue was entirely dedicated to the construction of this great planetarium and its projector, the first and only large scale planetarium projector ever made in the USA.

I was able to borrow this old magazine and scan it as a Acrobat PDF

Horsehead from the Airport 1-12-09

Hi all I took this image from our lovely site 1-12-08
Canon 40D Very wet that night

Sidewalk Astronomy

I did some Sidewalk Astronomy Sunday evening at the Lighthouse in Santa Cruz. The waves were big all day so a large number of people were down at Steamer Lane. I setup my 10" Dob at 5PM and began showing the 1/5 Moon during daylight. Mars showed about 5:30PM. Not too much to show in Mars. Just an orange disk. Seeing was poor. Almost a ground fog over the ocean was kicked up by the big waves. Went back and forth from Moon and Mars. I did show some folks Orion Nebula. A bit hard to see with moon light and street lights. I did find M31, just a fuzzy. Nobody was impressed.

Golden Gate Star Party 2008

Forwarded from Bill Porte vis sfbay-tac

Greetings Fellow Astronomers!

The Astronomy Connection (TAC) organizations of the San Francisco Bay
Area, the Sacramento Area, and Southern California are pleased to
announce The 2008 Golden State Star Party. This year's event will be
held July 2 through July 5 at our new site near Adin, California.

Ever since our first Lassen Star Party in 1994, we have searched for the

Odds of Asteroid Collision With Mars decrease, again (was Increase)

According to the latest data, this collsion is now down around 1:10000 probability. oh well. See the links off the same JPL URL.

Breaking News!

There is now a 4% chance (1 in 25) that the small asteroid discovered last month will impact Mars at 3AM PST the morning of Jan 30th. Scientists hope to capture more data in the next couple weeks to refine the probability.

Note that the impact from this 150 foot rock will result in a crater about 1 mile across. This couldn't possibly be visible from Earth.

See for more details


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