Some people promise you the stars. We deliver.

Brian Day on Near Earth Objects for Feb. 12 Meeting

We are fortunate to have Brian Day of NASA speaking at our Feb. 12 meeting. His topic is on the threat posed by Near Earth Objects (NEOs): "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall". 

The Solar Furnace.

this is the big sunspot last month thats coming around the front again this month, as captured by a recent APOD

SCAC Surplus Gear Auction

The Santa Cruz Astronomy Club is having an auction to dispose of surplus gear that was donated to our club.

This auction will be conducted by email on the email list. This auction is open to members only. New members can join if they want to bid, our dues remain $20/year. By all means, feel free to notify any friends you think might be interested, encourage them to join our club if they wish to bid.

Santa Cruz Astronomy Club Annual BBQ & Potluck

Here's a chance to enjoy the company of your astronomy friends in a relaxed atmosphere.  Bring a BBQ item for the grill, your favorite beverage and a side dish to share. A hot grill and utensils will be provided. Spouses/friends are welcome.  Festivities will be on Saturday, Septermer 20, and begin at 4 pm; the grill should be ready by 5 pm and if weather permits, we could have some observing after dark.  Call Walter and Carol at 831 438-1214 if you need directions to their home about 3 miles above Santa Cruz, off Graham Hill Rd.

The Program for the September 11th Meeting

The Program for the SCAC Meeting on September 11th will be by our own Al Smith, PhD. speaking on "Finding Dark Sites." He will address 1) Why we want to observe, or photograph, at dark sites.  2) How to quantify and measure dark sites, and 3) Where to find mapped information on dark sites.  One of Al's topics will be the selection process used to site the 10 meter telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea at the Keck Observatory. It will surely be an interesting evening!

Bill Lockman's experiences at GSSP 2014

Great companionship, meals, amenities, awesome dark sky site on the last day. Even the little storm we had Wednesday night made the trip special.


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