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Before The Big Bang

Before the Big Bang

The 12th annual Halliday Lecture in Astronomy,
"Before the Big Bang," will be presented by Michael Turner of the University of Chicago.

Messier Marathon On March 24th

This year, for the first time in a long time, the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club is going to have an informal Messier Marathon. Bill has graciously provided us with a Messier Object Checklist to use. Just start at the top and work your way down. The objects are listed in an order to maximize the number of objects you can view. Some are easy, some are of medium difficulty and some are just plain tough. The list is attached just below here and is also attached in the calendar (just click on the Bonny Doon link on March 24th). Click on Read More for more information.

Advanced Imaging Conference

This year's AIC will be held in Santa Clara on 26, 27, 28 October. Check the link to the AIC Website for hotel reservations and conference registration.

Across a Sea of Suns: Charting Distant Worlds, Other Earths

Faculty Research Lecture 2012 Professor Steve Vogt

The 2012 Faculty Research Lecture will be on Tuesday February 28 at 7pm at the Music Recital Hall at Performing Arts at UCSC.

The foremost academic research honor bestowed by the Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate is awarded annually to a faculty member who has a distinguished record in research.

Across a Sea of Suns: Charting Distant Worlds, Other Earths

Dimitar Sasselov: The Life of Super-Earths

Dimitar Sasselov: The Life of Super-Earths

Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University; Founder and Director, Harvard Origins of Life Initiative

Unvieling The Pulse Of The Galaxy

Professor Andrea Ghez from ULCA will be giving a presentation entitled "Unvieling The Pulse Of The Galaxy."

The talk will be held at:
Braun Auditorium in the Mudd Chemistry Building.
333 Campus Drive.
Stanford University Campus
0730 PM


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