Club Telescopes

Telescope Description Name
Red 10" dobson

 The mirror has been cleaned and replated, the focuser and spider replaced, and both a telrad and 9x50 finder added.

The mirror mount needs some work

My C8

A C8 Celestar Basic I bought used from a guy in New Mexico about 10 years ago. Optically quite good, it is fork mounted with a very simple 9v battery powered clock drive, and a crude one piece equatorial wedge + tripod.

Loaner Telescope

This Scope has three eyepieces and a Telrad viewfinder

80mm Grab-n-Go!

This is a 1995 vintage Vixen 80mm f/11.4 achromat on a nice wood alt-az tripod, with slo-mo controls.

Very easy to use Grab-n-Go scope that gives fantastic planetary and lunar views up to about 150X magnification. Comes with a 26mm Celestron Plossl (35X) and maybe some other eyepieces. It has a 45 degree erect (terrestrial) diagonal, rather than the more typical 90 degree star diagonal (inverting).

Currently on loan to long time club member G.S.